10 Steps to Improve the Sound Environment in Hospitals

Written and narrated by Susan Mazer, Ph.D., this podcast series considers noise, lighting, and other dynamics of the physical environment that change over time and become the context in which care is given and recovery occurs.

This concise, 3-part podcast series provides an overview of the important issues of the auditory environment, research that reveals the impact of sound on patient and staff outcomes, as well as strategies for optimizing the sound environment.

Mazer covers the issues that many of us know exist in healthcare settings, but are unsure of the most effective strategy for addressing them.

Download this series and learn the 10 steps to improve the sound environment in your facility.

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Ten Steps to Improve the
Sound Environment of Hospitals

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Part I
Introduction: The Environment of Care
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Part II
Steps 1 to 4: Assessment & Ownership
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Part IIISteps 6 to 10: Evaluation & Action
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