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  • Podcast: How Your Environment Can Improve the Patient Experience

    March 26, 2015 — From the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation: When the snow starts melting and temperatures turn above freezing here in Minnesota, everyone becomes happier. There’s an almost tangible change in everyone’s attitude that is powerful. If the changing of the season can have this profound effect on people’s well-being, how much of [...]

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  • Fear versus Love: Living with the Polarities of Life

    Love and fear live together as do life and death. In this 30 minute podcast, Dr. Jean Watson, Dr. Susan E. Mazer, and Robert Browning discuss how human caring, heart-centered practices, and healing environments help us thrive with the polarities of our lives and support patients, families, and our co-workers [...]

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  • Care Channel

    Entering the Sacred Journey of Caring Science for Whole System Transformation

    Dr. Jean Watson of the Watson Caring Science Institute, Robert Browning of HeartMath, and Dr. Susan Mazer of Healing Healthcare Systems, share their emerging points of view on Caring Science for Whole Person-Whole System Transformation.(1:01:06) [...]

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  • curing hospital noise epidemic

    Curing the Noise Epidemic in Hospitals

    Healing Healthcare Systems' President and CEO Susan Mazer, Ph.D., looks at the cultural factors behind noise and offers some solutions for managing hospital noise. [...]

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  • Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith

    Transform 2013, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

    Performance by Healing HealthCare Founders Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith at Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation Transform 2013 conference, followed by a discussion about the impact of music in the hospital setting with John Hockenberry. (19:30) [...]

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  • Florence Nightingale: In Her Own Words©

    In this dramatic 5-part series of 10-minute podcasts, hear the words of Nightingale as she speaks to issues of patient environments, nurse/physician relationships, statistics, professional conduct, and women's rights. [...]

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  • The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

    Our strategic partner HeartMath offers an overview of the amazing and vital role of the heart in our lives, and how our personal energetics shapes our social relationships and ultimately affects global consciousness. (7:20) [...]

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  • Eternal Now: Caring Moment

    Dr. Jean Watson of our strategic partner organization, the Watson Caring Science Institute, discusses the idea of sustaining human caring in our systems and society. (3:27) [...]

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  • Addressing Hospital Noise

    See how The C.A.R.E. Channel can help reduce the negative impact of hospital noise by masking distracting and often disturbing sounds — promoting restfulness and sleep. (2:37 minutes)   [...]

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