RiverBender.com: C.A.R.E. Channel Now in AMH Patient Rooms

June 5, 2018 — Alton Memorial Hospital has added The C.A.R.E. Channel for patient room televisions. This innovative service is provided as part of the hospital’s commitment to improve the patient experience and create a healing environment for patients, families, and staff.

The 24-hour broadcast, offered on Channel 17 of all AMH televisions, is uniquely designed to reinforce the day/night cycle, which is a significant factor for the body’s ability to heal. All televisions are programmed to have the C.A.R.E. Channel showing when the set is turned on.

“During the daylight hours, stunning nature landscapes provide a positive focus for patients who may be anxious, in pain, lonely, or suffering,” said AMH Chaplain Bruce Baumberger. “Overnight, visuals turn to the starry sky, helping patients fall asleep quickly and return to sleep if awakened for lab work, respiratory treatments, or other clinical interventions.”

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