Healing HealthCare Systems, HeartMath Form Strategic Alliance

heart-beatSeptember 23, 2013 — Healing HealthCare Systems and HeartMath formed a strategic alliance to jointly offer educational content and resources that help create less stressful and more healing hospital environments for patients and staff.

“This partnership emerged from our shared mission to improve the human condition in hospitals and model heart-centered living,” said Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., President and CEO, Healing HealthCare Systems. “By collaborating and helping to promote each other’s products and services, our goal is to create more heart-based, caring hospital systems worldwide.”

Since 1991, HeartMath has helped healthcare organizations improve performance, reduce claim costs, improve employee/staff satisfaction, and increase staff retention.  At the core of the HeartMath system is a set of scientifically-validated tools and techniques that can help all people within an organization gain renewed energy, greater mental health and emotional clarity, and reduce stress.

According to Robert Browning, a Director of HeartMath Healthcare, ”It is clear to us that the only way to address the complexities and increased pace of today’s healthcare is to approach our lives and each other with increased humanity, compassion, and care. From this place there is a clear recognition of the organizations whose vision and mission is to help uplift humanity to its next expression of effectiveness and dignity. Healing HealthCare Systems and HeartMath are uniting hands to more effectively facilitate this continuous evolution in healthcare.”

Healing HealthCare Systems, which was founded in 1992, produces The C.A.R.E. Channel, environmental programming for patient television that is broadcast in more than 700 hospitals in the U.S. It also develops support products and provides educational training to improve the patient experience by creating healing environments that mitigate the harmful effects of noise, enhance pain management protocols, promote privacy, and increase safety and satisfaction.