Nature & Music Programming is a Positive Distraction for ED Patients

September 4th, 2018

EcoDigital Media, a North America leader in digital communications, has recently partnered with Healing HealthCare Systems to offer C.A.R.E.® nature and music programming to hospitals.

C.A.R.E.’s stunning nature video and soothing instrumental music calms and distracts patients and family members, helping to take their minds off their health crisis and pass the waiting time more quickly in the Emergency Department (ED) – and other waiting areas in the hospital as well.

“Waiting is the number one complaint of patients,” said Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., President and CEO of Healing HealthCare Systems. “Providing a positive distraction on a screen in waiting areas can not only help pass the time, but also lower their stress.”

In a pilot study done by the Naval Medical Center in San Diego (NMCSD) in 2015, C.A.R.E. Programming was found to have a measurable positive impact on the waiting room experience for mental health outpatients. Prior to the study, almost every outpatient client at NMCSD offered daytime television programming – often turned exclusively to news, which has been shown to increase stress for patients in waiting areas.

“All sorts of people come into EDs to get treatment,” said Mazer. “What if patients have post traumatic stress disorder or some other kind of anxiety disorder? Broadcasting violent news stories, shows, or films could trigger unwanted behavior.”

EcoDigital Media’s interactive visual communication networks for EDs include digital displays and video walls with customized content and subscription services such as C.A.R.E. Programming.

“Providing patients with a meaningful and thoughtful digital experience improves outcomes,” said Kimberly Brecko, CEO of EcoDigital Media. “That’s why we are pleased to offer C.A.R.E. Programming as part of our customized packgage for hospitals.”


For more information about this partnership, please contact Dr. Mazer at smazer@healinghealth.com.