Introducing C.A.R.E. Channel Artist Radhika Miller

Radhika Miller I grew up the middle of nine children, which was probably the main impetus for finding peace within myself and in nature. As a young child I would ride my bike off to the ocean, into the hills, the parks; backpack the Sierras; and canoe, sail or raft whenever I could.

Nature has always filled my soul. I spend hours tending to our beautiful garden, grateful for all its colors and fragrances which inspire me so, and for the great daily harvests it provides year round.

The rhythm of my day includes yoga and meditation, feeding the hens, hanging the laundry; gardening; taking a morning hike with my husband; swimming; then time at the piano, with my flute; afternoons with students; and evenings enjoying preparing the family meal. Choosing harmony as best as I can throughout the day.

Music has always been a love of my life, food for my intellect and soul. I sang show tunes around the piano with my family; started piano lessons at six; frequented the San Francisco Symphony, Ballet and Opera; learned to play the flute; and relished composing music.

While in college, my longing for peace brought me to the great spiritual yoga master, Swami Satchidananda. I lived in his ashram for many years seeking the depths of peace and harmony.

He had me play often and then suggested I make a recording of my flute playing so people could become peaceful and relaxed. What a boon his advice turned out to be!

I have more than 30 years of creating soul-filled music, hundreds of songs, dozens of recordings. Playing music brings me to such a divine, deep place.

I am grateful that through my recordings I have been able to share this love with millions of people around the world. It is the greatest service to bring peace to people’s lives. We can all do our part to make where we live, both in our homes and our greater community a better place, a more peaceful place, a place of beauty.

I am happy to be included in the much needed, beautiful program that The C.A.R.E. Channel provides for hospital patients. The producers have done an exemplary job of blending nature’s grace and tranquility with soothing music, creating a truly transformative healing experience. May it continue expanding to all hospitals, leaving no patient behind.

Each time I play my flute and sing at a memorial service I feel the fullness of grace, a profound blessing to be asked to guide the congregation in to the heavenly realms, to join for that final moment with the spirit of the departed. What a gift this precious life is.

Taking time, even just a few minutes each day, to be in harmony with nature, in harmony with your self is such a valuable tool to staying peaceful. It helps us enjoy life to the fullest.

May you let music and nature flow into your life, providing you and the world with more balance and harmony.