We started The C.A.R.E. Channel 28 years ago to bring the healing power of nature and calming instrumental music to hospitals, giving patients respite from the noise, the uncertainty, and the anxieties they experience. The current Coronavirus pandemic is causing panic globally; things change by the minute, and stress, fear, and anxiety are amplified. We have created this page to offer C.A.R.E. Programming free for all, along with other resources, with the hope that you might find some calm and peace, ease your own anxieties, and help create your own healing environment where and when you need it most. Even if for only a moment. We will be updating this page with new resources often, so please check back.

Please share this page widely. These resources are free for all.


C.A.R.E. Mini-Meditations

During moments of uncertainty, you may find it useful to take a little time out.

As you watch the videos below …

We invite you to use your imagination to take a trip out into nature as a way, just for a while, to leave behind your experience at the current time.

Take a few breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, if you can. Breathing in quiet and comfort and breathing out, and leaving behind, all the experience of your day.

Adirondaks Fall – Upstate New York

Cinque Torri – Italian Dolomites

Costa Rican Coast

Iguazu Falls – Brazil

Kirkjufell – Iceland

Torres Del Paine – Patagonia

Tre Cime – Italian Dolomites

COVID-19 Blogs & Resources

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Additional Blogs, Resources, & C.A.R.E. Programming

Check back often, and please share this page with anyone who you think needs it.