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Improving the
Dental Experience

with Nature & Music

You, Your Patient, and Their Dental Anxiety

50-80% of adult patients will have a degree of dental anxiety, ranging from mild to severe.

That’s before they even walk into your practice. The longer patients must wait in an uncomfortable environment, like the dentist chair or your waiting room, the tenser they become. Entertainment options, like regular television programs sound loud, abrasive, and often increase patient stress levels.


Create a Peaceful Environment at Your Practice

Combining peaceful scenes of nature with soothing instrumental music provides a window to the outdoors for patients and family members.

C.A.R.E. (Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment) creates a positive and comforting distraction that reduces stress and eases anxiety throughout your patient’s entire treatment.

Therapeutic Nature & Music Programming Your Patients Will Love

Easy to Implement

Plug C.A.R.E. Select in and press play! Our streamlined media player connects directly to your television’s HDMI input.


Less than a cable subscription. A low annual licensing fee covers multiple televisions within your dental practice.

Free Annual Updates

Free annual updates with gorgeous new content from the most beautiful locations around the world!

30+ Hours of Stunning Nature

We produce C.A.R.E. Programming to soothe and calm. Slow, gradual transitions. Without distracting video effects.

C.A.R.E. Music

Music blends seamlessly into the background. Creating a calming sound environment that masks distracting noises like dental drilling, office chatter, and more.

Clinical Benefits

Based on research connecting the use of music and nature to patient outcomes. C.A.R.E. Select is a positive distraction that improves the patient experience, reduces stress and anxiety, and supports pain management.

Transform your dental practice into a beautiful and healing environment that helps reduce pain and discomfort with C.A.R.E.®; C.A.R.E. Select makes it affordable and easy to implement!