Image Gallery: Our Location Shoots

How are locations selected?

Our award-winning production team, Ryan Loetscher, Ford Corl, and David Ware carefully choose each location with an eye toward adding stunning and diverse new scenery to our growing library. Then we send them on a backpacking adventure into the wild, where they hike into remote areas, cameras and gear in tow, to capture the visual beauty that only nature can provide.


Where’s that scene from?!

Patients, family members, and staff ask us all the time where the nature videos in The C.A.R.E. Channel are filmed. We don’t place the locations on the channel itself as text can be difficult to read, distracting, and even distressing to highly acute patients, interrupting the calm, relaxed mood our programming creates. However, we know patients in less acute conditions would love to know where the beautiful scenes are from, so we’ve gathered all our footage locations below with some amazing still photos to help you spot your favorite shots!