Improving the Patient Experience

Please watch this short video on how The C.A.R.E. Channel can help improve HCAHPS scores.

At Healing HealthCare Systems, we believe that the patient experience is the sum of all environmental interactions, perceived through a person’s individual culture, circumstance, relationships, and expectations — all of which influence how patients make meaning of what is happening to them.

There are three critical factors that inform the patient experience: acuity of the patient; acuity of the caregiver; and acuity of the environment.

Higher patient acuity means that patients are sicker. Higher staff acuity means that a caregiver, nurse, physician, or others are highly stressed and their capacity to respond is compromised. Higher environmental acuity means that the physical environment in which care is delivered is toxic, risky, or agitating.

The environment of care informs the nurse, the nurse becomes the environment to the patient, and the patient’s experience reflects both. This is the essence of our work.

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