Big Sur – On the Road Again

June 15, 2022

Episode 1: Good to be Back

Join C.A.R.E. Channel Producers Ford Corl and Ryan Loetscher in their quest to capture breathtaking nature video for relaxing patient content. With travel restrictions lifted, Ford and Ryan hit the road and head down to the beaches of Moro Bay, CA, and are moved by the sights and sounds of the ocean and wildlife as they return to their mission.


Big Sur – Episode 2: Soggy Socks

Some shots are easier to get than others. Here, Ford and Ryan trek through wilderness, streams, and possibly some poisonous plant life. All in the effort to get the perfect shot at Molera Beach.


Big Sur – Episode 3: This is the McWay

With the opportunity to get in an extra location to replace older footage provided by freelance videographers, The C.A.R.E. Channel Team set out to do things their way with their toys, and capture images of the stunning McWay waterfall. Where others have previously succeeded, their goal is to exceed.


Big Sur – Episode 4: Rocks and Beach and Rocks and Beach

Picturesque locales are an obvious choice for generating beautiful and soothing images. However, these locales are also an obvious choice for everyone and their dog to enjoy as well. The challenge at Garapata Beach will be getting peaceful, serene nature imagery while avoiding vacationers playing frisbee.


Big Sur – Episode 5: Always Go Around the Corner

As the Big Sur shoot wraps, the crew take to Point Lobos in search of some much-needed wildlife scenes. Along the way some charismatic animals are met, and some truly moving moments are captured.