C.A.R.E.® Artists

Renowned artists and composers license their original, instrumental, and diverse music for use with The C.A.R.E. Channel, and its related products. If you’re interested in being a C.A.R.E. Artist, please contact us.


Current C.A.R.E. Artists

Acoustic Ocean
A beautiful and engaging collection of original instrumental music, from Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan.

Paul Adams
Multi-instrumentalist producer, collaborates with Elizabeth Geyer.

Award-winning Brazilian multi-instrumentalist.

Steven C. Anderson
Beautiful original compositions with the London Symphony Strings.

Bob Ardern
Original compositions for acoustic guitar and strings.

Bruce BecVar
Guitarist/Producer, including albums for Deepak Chopra.

Christopher Boscole
Original piano compositions.

Heidi Anne Breyer
Contemplative compositions for piano produced by Will Ackerman.

Charles Michael Brotman
Lush Hawaiian-inspired productions. Read Charles’ story about the influence of his surroundings on his music and his work with The C.A.R.E. Channel.

Christine Brown
Original piano compositions. Read about Christine’s journey through the therapeutic and healing power of music.

Peter Calandra
Diverse compositions spanning world music, jazz, contemporary jazz, new age, pop, and classical.

Tom Carleno
Blending rock, jazz, folk and pop, the Denver based guitarist creates distinctive compositions using a wide variety of alternate tunings.

Tom Caufield
Restful compositions for solo guitar.

Merrill Collins
Original compositions for solo piano with cello and flutes.

Scott Cossu
Pianist who was a pioneer artist on Windham Hill Records.

Joey Curtin
Original piano compositions enhanced with symphonic orchestrations.

Louis Anthony deLise
Award-winning composer and producer whose credits include Patti Labelle and Peter Nero.

Charles Denler
An Emmy award winning blend of classical and modern compositions, with over two hundred film and television credits.

Richard Dillon
A Neo-Impressionist pianist and composer with a Masters in Music.

Ben Dowling
Multi-genre composer and renowned pianist/keyboardist.

Domo Records
New Age and World music by Kitaro, Dave Eggar, Benedetti & Svoboda, Uma, Randy Armstrong, Shinji, Stephen DeRuby.

Lisa Downing
Original piano compositions.

Keith Driskill
Fingerstyle acoustic guitar music.

Michael Dulin
Classically-influenced piano compositions.

Lee Eisenstein
Original and traditional acoustic guitar works.

Marc Enfroy
Soothing cinematic piano music.

Loren Evarts
Melodic solo piano compositions.

Dean & Dudley Evenson
Founders of the renowned record label Soundings of the Planet.

Cary Farley
Meditative music for guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Jason Farnham
A wide variety of compositions for piano and instrumental ensembles.

Andre Feriante
Virtuoso Segovia-trained guitarist with Flamenco and Brazilian influences.

Sherry Finzer
Virtuoso flutist featuring gentle compositions with guitar.

John Fluker
Original compositions for piano and strings.

Jim Gabriel
Structured and improvisational compositions featuring piano.

Laima Gaizutis
Pianist featuring gentle orchestrations in her “Simply Beautiful Collection”.

Elizabeth Geyer
Australian multi-instrumentalist producer, collaborates with Paul Adams.

Raphael Groten
Guitarist whose albums are produced by Wyndham Hill founder Will Ackerman.

Jill Haley
Oboe and English horn, drawing from classical, jazz and folk. Learn how Jill is inspired by U.S. National Parks.

Trevor Gordon Hall
Inspirational solo acoustic guitar.

Doug Hammer
Original solo piano compositions.

Michael Allen Harrison
Composer/Producer of original compositions for solo piano and ensembles.

HeartDance Records
Founded by flutist Sherry Finzer; source of several C.A.R.E. Artists.

Roth Herrlinger
Music featuring solo instrumental piano and Native American flute.

Max Highstein
Saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist composer/producer.

Dynamic original solo piano works.

Peter Jennison
Original piano music inspired by the artist’s military service.

Peter Kater
Renowned artist in the New-Age music genre.

Kathryn Kaye
Original solo piano music.

Brian Kelly
Virtuoso award-winning solo pianist.

Dan Kennedy
A pianist, composer, and teacher creating a variety of instrumental works for solo piano and groups.

Netherlands-based award-winning composer/performer.

Darlene Koldenhoven
Grammy® Award winning vocalist, with an original album of instrumental compositions and arrangements. Read about Darlene’s musical journey and how music has served as a healing outlet throughout her life.

Michael Kollwitz
Virtuoso Chapman Stick performer.

Maria Kostelas
Beautiful and relaxing flute recordings.

Louis Landon
Solo piano recording artist.

Don Latarski
Seasoned Oregon-based educator and performer on finger-style guitar.

Cory Lavine
Debut solo piano album from an emerging young artist.

Gina Leneé
Original piano compositions with light orchestrated accompaniment.

Bill Leslie
Multi-instrumentalist whose ensemble recordings feature Irish/Celtic influences.

David Lindsay
Canadian acoustic guitarist.

Robert Linton
Sublime guitar compositions.

Gunnar Madsen
Award-winning founder of the acapella group, The Bobs.

Elika Mahony
American pianist living in China.

Gary Malkin
Award-winning soundtrack composer and pianist.

Greg Maroney
Contemporary piano composer. Read Greg’s story about his experiences with the healing power of music, both professionally, and personally.

Matthew Marshak
An accomplished guitar player drawing from multiple genres – jazz, soul, pop, funk, blues, and others.

Japanese producer of film scores and recordings distributed worldwide.

Masako Matsuo
Solo pianist and composer.

Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith
Original compositions for electric harp and woodwinds.

Jeffrey Michael
Original compositions for piano and electric keyboards.

Radhika Miller
Beautiful productions for flute and various accompanying instruments.

Ricky Nalett
Solo piano with an emphasis on live performance.

David Nevue
Original piano compositions.

John Nilsen
Original compositions for solo piano and instrumental ensembles.

The O’Neill Brothers
Beautiful original melodies for dual pianos.

Trine Opsahl
Original music for Celtic harp.

Rebecca Oswald
Beautiful original compositions for solo piano.

Steve Pappas
Finger-style classical guitarist.

Starr Parodi
Noted Los Angeles-based keyboardist first introduced on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Christopher Paul
Exquisite guitar music. Read Christopher’s story about his experiences with The C.A.R.E. Channel as a patient.

Stephen Peppos
Relaxing piano with light synth textures.

Michelle Qureshi
Guitarist with world-music influences.

Kurt Reiman
Debut solo piano album: North Maple Road.

Devin Rice & Erin Aas
Finger style guitar duets and piano/guitar duets.

Valarie Romanoff
Electric guitarist whose latest album is Healing Music, Vol. 2.

Mary Lydia Ryan
Little Red Boat: solo piano inspired by a painting as well as living on a houseboat.

Thomas Salvatori
Personal and intimate instrumental Classical Guitar music.

Roy Scoutz
Original compositions for acoustic and electric guitars. Read Roy’s story about how he became a C.A.R.E. Artist.

Vocalist and musician Seay composes critically acclaimed evocative original pieces with universal themes in the New Age genre.

Nancy Shoop Wu
Original music by a Hawaiian violinist.

Richard Shulman
Meditative piano and synthesizer works. Read Richard’s story about how he became a C.A.R.E. Artist.

Amy Skjei
Solo piano from a full-time Registered Nurse.

Paul Spaeth
Pianist with original cinematic compositions.

Robin Spielberg
Original compositions for solo piano and small ensemble. Read Robin’s story about her experiences with The C.A.R.E. Channel as a patient.

Jon Sprout
Music and film producer dedicated to raising social consciousness.

Mike Strickland
Pianist/Composer featuring original compositions and popular standards. Read Mike’s story about how he became a C.A.R.E. Artist.

Sugo Music
A music label featuring a wide variety of artists in various genres.

Ann Sweeten
Heartfelt solo piano.

Neil Tatar
Guitarist recognized by Zone Music Reporter as Best New Artist of 2015.

Mark Torgeson
Multi-instrumentalist whose goal is to raise consciousness with his music.

Danny Tudor
Learn about Danny’s experience as a C.A.R.E. Channel artist.

Craig Urquhart
Original piano compositions.

Neil Shambu Vineberg
Guitarist and composer blending folk, Indian and jazz styles.

Brenda Warren
Peaceful piano with multi-instruments produced by Will Ackerman.

Timothy Wenzel
Gently rhythmic piano solos from a former Ph.D. chemist.

Brad White
Master pan-flutist playing original compositions with an Hawaiian flavor.

Rob Whitesides-Woo
Music from a Chinese spiritual master.

Evan Wish
Composer/concert pianist.

Barry Wylde
Dynamic original compositions for solo piano.

Lynn Yew Evers
Peaceful romantic compositions for solo piano.

Denise Young
Pianist inspired by classical composers of the Romantic Period.

Allison Zopel
Original piano compositions.